California Quarter

Starr's Hold Up : Stealing A Quarter From Everyone's Pocket

Being born in San Francisco, having lived most of my life in California, and learning that design submissions were to be accepted for the California Quarter in the 50 States Quarters Program, I had a great desire to submit a design that would be an inspiring representation of my native state and would have appeal for everyone.

witness Exhibit 5 : "A Golden Moment" For Everyone

Illustration used to create bump map for California Quarter Design Submission.

When the design "A Golden Moment" was chosen by the selection committee to be among the top twenty submissions placed on a governmental public polling site for the purpose of allowing We The People to choose by popular vote which design of the twenty would become the California Quarter, I was amazed and immediately contacted everyone I knew requesting that they vote for their favorite design, with the hope that it would be "A Golden Moment". At that point I was just thrilled to be included in this special election. Also since it was a fairly historic event to happen for me I decided to start creating screen shots of just about everything to do with the California Quarter selection process.

witness Exhibit 4 : Original Design Submission Letter

Little did I know that my accumulation of imagery would help expose an act of fraud that would result in the stealing of the California Quarter from the People of the United States, and the misappropriation of over one hundred twenty five million dollars. It never occurred to me that anyone would stoop so low, as to steal a quarter from everyone's pocket, placing their reputations in the sewer floating among other historical lumps of feces. But as it turns out a falsely respected figure—revealing a lack of any integrity by the name of Kevin Starr—worked feverishly to manipulate both Governor Gray Davis and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and several high ranking officials including many key figures in the United States Mint, to ensure that no other design would be considered that did not feature his false idol, John Muir.

A Golden Moment, the true California Quarter, was stolen from more than 500 Million pockets — ultimately from all of We The People — and criminally replaced with a valueless Mere Coin Fraud.

California Quarter As John Muir Coined Fraud.



How A Coined Fraud Replaced California Quarter

Starr's Coin Act Of Fraud : Sidestepping The Law Of The Land

Commemorative Coins require a Coin Act of Congress. In fact the 50 States Quarters Program required an Act of Congress formally known as 105th Congress Public Law 124 and officially titled 50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act. The process for selecting and evaluating designs was then established, which included a specific prohibition of portraits for individuals living or dead. Sidestepping the US Constitution and using the California Quarter to commemorate one individual defeats the purpose of the law passed by Congress. And the conniving acts that maneuvered a design featuring John Muir over the design chosen by Public Vote is a crime against US All.

Coin Acts encompass a fair amount of details which include the costs of production since in effect We The People are footing the bill. Therefore the proper and legal way to create a commemorative coin of John Muir would be to follow the process used to create the Thomas Alva Edison Commemorative or the Leif Ericson and Lewis and Clark Commemoratives.

witness Exhibit 1 : Commemorative Coin Acts

The sole reason for the California Quarter not representing the State of California is due to the aspirations of one key manipulator that held the appointed position of California State Librarian during the process of design selection for the state quarter. Kevin Starr conned easily swayed and trusting key figures who unwittingly became accomplices to Starr's criminal acts. Unfortunately resulting in the transforming of the California Quarter into a John Muir Commemorative Coin grown from a fraudulent seed of deception. Effectively only one person is to blame for the coined fraud. State Librarian Kevin Starr alone chose to have John Muir on the California Quarter and manipulated the process to ensure that the design chosen by the People would not be considered by the Citizens Coin Advisory Committee, the US Commission of Fine Arts, the Secretary of the Treasury or the Governor of California.

I have prepared this case file to inform everyone about Kevin Starr's crime which resulted in the misappropriation of more than $125,000,000.00, shedding brilliant light on the fraudulent actions of a fading Starr and his unwitting accomplices. The crime that ultimately stole the California Quarter from We the People and handed it to the political organization that clearly supported Kevin Starr's act of corruption, the Sierra Club.


Starr's Swindle : Public Funds, Time, Trust Mismanaged

Kevin Starr made it clear that the only reason for considering the People's opinion was because Governor Gray Davis pressed him to allow the People to vote. And although Public Funds were used to fund a Government Sanctioned Public Polling Web Site for the purpose of soliciting public votes, it has become clear that Starr had no intention of honoring the public opinion. Kevin Starr even goes so far as to maneuver the poll results in such a way as to be confusing and misleading to the Public.

witness Exhibit 6 : Voting Polls Layout

The John Muir design was placed in the top position for the results page for the online polling site. During the voting process I recall several people asking me if the John Muir design was winning since it was shown in the top position. Also since computer screens were much smaller at that time (please witness exhibits) most of the designs were hidden from view and would only show if the visitor scrolled down the results page. The very clever tactic reveals Kevin Starr to be a truly artful and accomplished criminal.

witness Exhibit 7 : Voting Results Layout

witness Exhibit 8 : Voting Results Clarified

Starr effectively sponsored a mismanagement of public funds and public time for the purpose of laying a foundation for a publicly funded promotional campaign for the benefit of himself and the Sierra Club—which heavily backed the design that featured the portrait of John Muir. Even though Kevin Starr’s intentions were to misuse public funds for his own personal gain, his unethical behavior does not invalidate the public opinion that was solicited with those public funds.


Starr's Breach Of Contract : An Agreement With The People

The results of the online poll have been described as an advisory vote, yet the actions—including Public Money, Public Time and Public Trust—that took place to garner the Public Vote resulted in a legally binding contract between the People and the Government. Government being inclusive of everyone involved in the selection process. By placing the top twenty designs chosen by a special committee online for the public to place votes, there was an offer of agreement that the public vote would matter. Then when the top three designs chosen to be sent to the US Mint for review were based on the public vote, there was an acceptance of the choices made by the public. In an attempt to diminish the public vote, two less popular designs, both featuring representations of John Muir, were selected by Kevin Starr to be submitted along with the top three vote winners. Subsequently all of the designs submitted to the United States Mint were to be given equal value in consideration.

A legal definition of a contract is an agreement between two or more People which creates an obligation to do, or not do, something. The agreement creates a legal relationship of rights and duties. If the agreement is broken, then the law provides certain remedies. There are three factors necessary to create a contract:

  • offer
  • acceptance
  • consideration
  • One party makes an offer, the second party must accept the offer and there must be consideration exchanged. Consideration has to be something of value.

    Plainly and legally a contract was formed between the People and those entrusted with acting respectfully toward the People throughout the selection process. Kevin Starr abused his power as State Librarian through his actions of manipulation against the People's chosen design and therefore breached the legally binding contract made with every man, woman and child.

    In a separate poll performed by the L.A. Times outlined in an article by Jennifer James,“Kids from all over Southern California let us know about their favorite design for the 2005 California state quarter after author Maura Walsh's story, "A Quarter for California," was published last month. The overwhelming choice was the gold miner collage coin, "A Golden Moment".

    witness Exhibit 9 : Kids’ Choice For California Quarter


    Starr's Prejudice : Unethical Discrimination

    Upon seeing the renditions presented by the US Mint for further evaluation I realized that the design chosen by the People was not being treated fairly.

    witness Exhibit 10 : Original Design Submissions VS. US Mint Renditions

    On March 15th, after sending in an application for one of several Medallic Artist positions then offered by the United States Mint, I received a phone call from the Associate Director of Sales and Marketing for the US Mint Gloria Eskridge. During the party line conversation, Gloria Eskridge, along with Stacy Anderson, and Jean Sentry, tried to convince me that the changes made to "A Golden Moment" were done for the purpose of coin ability.

    witness Exhibit 13 : It's In The Details

    Gloria Eskridge stated that my design contained too much detail, to which I pointed out that the mint's rendition actually added much more detail with the many minute flowers replacing the two large elegant poppies in the original submission. She also gave no reason for why so much more detail was given to each of the four other designs. Designs including the John Muir design were given even more detail than was in the original submission of the People's Chosen Design, "A Golden Moment".

    witness Exhibit 11 : Notable Prejudice Against People's Choice

    Among other concerns I indicated that the eagle was taken out of "A Golden Moment" and replaced with a generic bird, whereas highly detailed birds with intricate feathering were added to the John Muir and Sequoia (John Muir) designs. I also requested an explanation as to why the words "A Golden Moment" were removed. Gloria Eskridge refused to give any detailed reasons beyond the ambiguous term of coin ability for the ruining of the People's Choice.

    Becoming a bit flustered Gloria Eskridge finally admitted that the main reason for changes to the People's Design was that the US Mint was following the recommendations of a single close contact within California. When I made it clear that I wanted to get in touch with the mint's California contact, Gloria Eskridge refused to disclose the identity of the individual. It was only after the announcement of the John Muir Coined Fraud that I would uncover evidence revealing Kevin Starr as the single key manipulator who was advising the US Mint to grossly misrepresent the top design submitted by the People.

    witness Exhibit 12 : People's Choice, "A Golden Moment" Can Be Minted

    An article from the San Diego Union Tribune states that "State Librarian Kevin Starr, ... worked with the US Mint on the California design". Also according to the evaluation process outlined at, "the state will appoint an historian ... to participate ... to ensure historical accuracy and proper state representation of the artwork”. Additionally Kevin Starr stated himself that he had the honor of chairing the selection process. With criminal intent Kevin Starr decided to chair the selection process dishonorably, failing miserably any proper state representation.

    Stage Seven of the evaluation process previously outlined at stated that only designs approved by the Secretary of the Treasury will be presented to the governor for final selection. The choices were narrowed down for the Secretary of the Treasury by the Citizens Coin Advisory Committee (CCAC) and the US Commission of Fine Arts (CFA). The CCAC and CFA were required to base their recommendations on renditions of design submissions presented by US Mint artists.

    witness Exhibit 2 : Quarter Design Evaluation And Selection Process

    When examining the US Mint renditions presented to the CCAC and the CFA, it is clear that the design chosen by the People was diminished to a point of chicken scratch under the prejudicial recommendations of Kevin Starr. And since the CCAC and the CFA were required to make their decisions based solely on the US Mint renditions, the People's Choice was not among the recommendations to be sent to the governor. If everything went according to the outlined process Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was never supposed to see the People's Choice. This fact gives reason why Kevin Starr would want to have "A Golden Moment" fail during this phase of review. In an interesting twist that almost saved "A Golden Moment" for California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took it upon himself to be more involved in the evaluation process than was required or expected. To stop this opportunity for the People, Kevin Starr had to perform yet another act of unethical manipulation.

    On March 26th I received a phone call from State Librarian Employee Mattie Taormina. She called to say that an announcement of the California Quarter design was to be made on March 29th. I expressed to her my concerns that the governor may have not had time to review items included in a report I sent regarding how the US Mint had created coin ability falsehoods in order to destroy the design chosen by the People. Mattie Taormina assured me that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was very involved in the selection process and wanted to base his decision on all the facts, and that he even asked to see the original designs submitted by the original artists. Her information gave me some peace of mind that at least the People's Choice was truly considered by the governor, but then Mattie Taormina went on to mention that the governor was advised to not consider the public vote. The governor's wife discloses the identity of the advisor to be Kevin Starr.

    During the announcement on March 29th, Maria Shriver reinforced what Mattie Taormina relayed by recalling that "[Kevin Starr] walked right in, he had a briefcase, and he sat right down and kind of pushed everything on the coffee table aside and laid out the 20 finalists for the quarter". Maria Shriver goes on to say that "[Kevin Starr] laid out four or five books, and I was kind of surprised and said, what's this? And he said, "Well, the Governor gets to choose the quarter." And my kids were like, whoa, that's really exciting, he gets to choose the quarter! And then he said, "And I just brought you a couple of my books that you could read in your spare time." And I was sitting there with our youngest son, Christopher [age 6], and he turned to Dr. Starr and said, "Wow, that's great! - you wrote four books." And without skipping a beat, Dr. Starr said, "I've written 14 books." It is very apparent that Kevin Starr wanted to confront the issue of the governor choosing to not rely solely on the US Mint renditions, and to ensure that the governor would choose Kevin Starr's design.

    Also according to the Office of First Lady Maria Shriver Assistant Trish Fontana, Kevin Starr was planning to retire before the selection of the California Quarter was to be made, but he chose to postpone retirement given that Governor Gray Davis was recalled. It has become crystal clear that Kevin Starr delayed his retirement because he wanted to make sure that a design commemorating Starr's False Idol John Muir would be selected. In fact his retirement coincided with the announcement of the John Muir Coined Fraud Commemorative Quarter.


    Starr's Portrait Of Fraud : John Muir Coined A Mere Fraud

    The original design submission rules presented on the governor's web site on 2002 September 16 state that "no head and shoulders portrait or bust of any person, living or dead, ... will be considered." As part of the original group that narrowed the choices for the final committee, Trish Fontana recalled that designs including a name were immediately disqualified, yet somehow the design featuring the name John Muir got through. And as it turns out, the John Muir design is the only design among the twenty presented to the public that had a person's name, along with a portrait of John Muir himself—including his head and shoulder.

    witness Exhibit 3 : California Quarter Design Submission Rules

    Additionally the rules state that designs must not contain "depictions of exclusive organizations". The John Muir design fraud was heavily backed by the Sierra Club—John Muir's and Kevin Starr's Club.


    Starr's Fading Light : Kevin Starr Loses All Respectability

    Why would an accomplished and respected historian choose to risk tarnishing his established reputation by committing fraud? Apparently Kevin Starr retired to write some more books and by making sure that the founder of the Sierra Club was commemorated using the California Quarter, he would seal an excellent and publicly funded promotional campaign. The Club was very happy to oblige since it was able to bypass an Act of Congress to get a coin with their founder.

    Based on his endeavors in writing it is clear that Kevin Starr wanted to use the California Quarter as a promotion of himself and the Sierra Club. Kevin Starr has effectively gained hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free advertising for himself and the Sierra Club, and all at the expense of the People. As an official in the service to the public, the State Librarian has a duty to represent the People's opinion with respect and dignity. As State Librarian, Kevin Starr did not represent the People's opinion, at all.

    I don't know if Kevin Starr is somehow related to John Muir, but Kevin Starr has a clear and present bias. According to the California Historical Society, which Kevin Starr has had membership, John Muir is "the Greatest Californian". In an article by William Deverell, Kevin Starr is described as a modern Muir. So as it stands now the California Quarter Design Fraud beautifully represents John Muir, the Yosemite Valley, a Condor, Kevin Starr and the Sierra Club, but does not truly represent the People or the State of California. Why would Kevin Starr express his "hope that the final design will visualize the concept of our diverse state" when he never had any intention of honoring his own promise to, as he put it, "Dear Californians"?

    In addition to the many who have achieved greatness, I believe that every Californian has the ability to attain amazing goals, and that we are all inherently important. The design chosen to represent California should not only have provided educational information of our great state, but be representative of our entire state and it's People. Obviously California is more than just one man or club.


    Starr's Coined Fraud Conclusion : With A Path To Redemption

    Ultimately the events of the California Quarter produce a bit of wonder. Why would so many people act with such dishonor and lack of integrity? It is unclear why numerous individuals involved in the design selection process would actively disregard the rules and the People they were appointed or elected to serve—throwing their names into the hat for such a blatant act of fraud. It's common knowledge that crimes are usually committed over money, and in this case the crime went a step beyond to include the minting of money.

    When a coin is to be used for the purpose of commemorating an individual or an organization, the correct process is to have the proposal go through Congress and not swindled, as Kevin Starr's John Muir design was, into the 50 States Quarters Program.

    Kevin Starr breached a contract formed with the People when he knowingly acted with clear prejudice to ensure that the Design of the People would not be given fair treatment throughout the evaluation process. Kevin Starr worked instead to make certain that the California Quarter would end up a publicly funded campaign and commemorative coin for the founder of a club.

    Kevin Starr’s accomplishments as an historian do not justify his unethical manipulation of the design selection process for the promotion of himself or the Sierra Club. His appointment to the Office of State Librarian was to fulfill the duties of the office for the benefit of the People paying for his salary, pension, health plans and expense accounts. Kevin Starr failed to treat the People with respect, dignity or fairness, and brought dishonor to the public office.

    The design chosen by Kevin Starr is an obvious portrait of John Muir the founder of the Sierra Club and violates the rules of acceptable designs for the 50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act [Public Law 105-124].

    I have urged public officials and the news media to investigate this issue. The two sole journalists to write an article about this issue were only able to get statements from Kevin Starr. One journalist told me that it is normally very difficult to contact Kevin Starr, but for some reason he was the only person mentioned in this case file that she was able to get a hold of. Everyone else was mysteriously unavailable.

    Ultimately the John Muir Coined Fraud is a lasting symbol to how hard Kevin Starr worked to become a pathetic, shriveled up representation of what might have been a worthwhile legacy. In these last acts as California State Librarian Kevin Starr has revealed himself to be untrustworthy and lacking of any integrity.

    The only way for Kevin Starr to truly redeem himself of his crime against the People is to work as hard to right the wrong as he did when he committed this act of fraud, but instead through ethical means. Kevin Starr should make certain that the United States Mint negotiates a contract with me to aid in the development of "A Golden Moment". As Design Lead I will ensure that the People's Choice is minted as a new quarter, so that everyone will truly have the opportunity to literally spend a golden moment with anyone else.


    California Quarter : Of The People, By The People, For The People

    Incorporated within the design that received the most votes from the People are elements of a thriving California environment and a representation of the Gold Rush. An event of such significance that California bypassed many territories vying for statehood, ultimately helping to fund a fledgeling United States of America. The rush was in fact the movement of people into California, many to become miners.

    With the bulky duster, gloves and boots easily disguising the miner's figure, and the large brim shading his or her face, the miner is representative of all Californians. The pan is representative of the focus each person directs toward a personal endeavor or dream—the California Dream.

    Artfully included within "A Golden Moment" is the aspect of the California Dream coming true by showing the discovery of gold and not the gold itself. No nugget is actually shown, just the gleaming of a dream brought into brilliance through the light of realization.

    witness Exhibit 5 : "A Golden Moment" For Everyone

    The design chosen by the People rises beyond representing only the dreams of Californians and gracefully includes absolutely everyone. The specific placement of the words "A Golden Moment" just above and to the left of the words "E Pluribus Unum" reveals that this one golden moment is indicative of many golden moments, "A Golden Moment, From Many, One". And a cool phonetic twist reveals "A Golden Moment, From Any One".

    Image of California Poppies used in original illustration for California Quarter Design Submission, A Golden Moment by David Biagini.



    Exhibit 1 : Commemorative Coin Acts

    reference Starr's Coin Act Of Fraud


    Public Law 105-124 105th Congress

    An Act

    To provide for a 10-year circulating commemorative coin program to commemorate each of the 50 States, and for other purposes. <<NOTE: Dec. 1, 1997 - [S. 1228]>>

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, <<NOTE: 50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act. 31 USC 5101 note.>>


    This Act may be cited as the ``50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act''.

    SEC. 2. FINDINGS. <<NOTE: 31 USC 5112 note.>>

    The Congress finds that-- (1) it is appropriate and timely-- (A) to honor the unique Federal republic of 50 States that comprise the United States; and (B) to promote the diffusion of knowledge among the youth of the United States about the individual States, their history and geography, and the rich diversity of the national heritage; (2) the circulating coinage of the United States has not been modernized during the 25-year period preceding the date of enactment of this Act; (3) a circulating commemorative 25-cent coin program could produce earnings of $110,000,000 from the sale of silver proof coins and sets over the 10-year period of issuance, and would produce indirect earnings of an estimated $2,600,000,000 to $5,100,000,000 to the United States Treasury, money that will replace borrowing to fund the national debt to at least that extent; and (4) it is appropriate to launch a commemorative circulating coin program that encourages young people and their families to collect memorable tokens of all of the States for the face value of the coins. SEC. 3. ISSUANCE OF REDESIGNED QUARTER DOLLARS OVER 10-YEAR PERIOD COMMEMORATING EACH OF THE 50 STATES.

    Section 5112 of title 31, United States Code, is amended by inserting after subsection (k) the following new subsection: ``(l) Redesign and Issuance of Quarter Dollar in Commemoration of Each of the 50 States.-- ``(1) Redesign beginning in 1999.-- ``(A) In general.--Notwithstanding the fourth sentence of subsection (d)(1) and subsection (d)(2), quarter dollar coins issued during the 10-year period beginning in 1999, shall have designs on the reverse side selected

    [[Page 111 STAT. 2535]]

    in accordance with this subsection which are emblematic of the 50 States.``(B) Transition provision.--Notwithstanding subpar-agraph (A), the Secretary may continue to mint and issue quarter dollars in 1999 which bear the design in effect before the redesign required under this subsection and an inscription of the year `1998' as required to ensure a smooth transition into the 10-year program under this subsection. ``(2) Single state designs.--The design on the reverse side of each quarter dollar issued during the 10-year period referred to in paragraph (1) shall be emblematic of 1 of the 50 States.``(3) Issuance of coins commemorating 5 states during each of the 10 years.-- ``(A) In general.--The designs for the quarter dollar coins issued during each year of the 10-year period referred to in paragraph (1) shall be emblematic of 5 States selected in the order in which such States ratified the Constitution of the United States or were admitted into the Union, as the case may be.``(B) Number of each of 5 coin designs in each year.--Of the quarter dollar coins issued during each year of the 10-year period referred to in paragraph (1), the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe, on the basis of such factors as the Secretary determines to be appropriate, the number of quarter dollars which shall be issued with each of the 5 designs selected for such year. ``(4) Selection of design.-- ``(A) In general.--Each of the 50 designs required under this subsection for quarter dollars shall be-- ``(i) selected by the Secretary after consultation with-- ``(I) the Governor of the State being commemorated, or such other State officials or group as the State may designate for such purpose; and ``(II) the Commission of Fine Arts; and ``(ii) reviewed by the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee. ``(B) Selection and approval process.--Designs for quarter dollars may be submitted in accordance with the design selection and approval process developed by the Secretary in the sole discretion of the Secretary. ``(C) Participation.--The Secretary may include participation by State officials, artists from the States, engravers of the United States Mint, and members of the general public. ``(D) Standards.--Because it is important that the Nation's coinage and currency bear dignified designs of which the citizens of the United States can be proud, the Secretary shall not select any frivolous or inappropriate design for any quarter dollar minted under this subsection. ``(E) Prohibition on certain representations.--No head and shoulders portrait or bust of any person, living or dead, and no portrait of a living person may be included in the design of any quarter dollar under this subsection.

    [[Page 111 STAT. 2536]]

    ``(5) Treatment as numismatic items.--For purposes of sections 5134 and 5136, all coins minted under this subsection shall be considered to be numismatic items. ``(6) Issuance.-- ``(A) Quality of coins.--The Secretary may mint and issue such number of quarter dollars of each design selected under paragraph (4) in uncirculated and proof qualities as the Secretary determines to be appropriate. ``(B) Silver coins.--Notwithstanding subsection (b), the Secretary may mint and issue such number of quarter dollars of each design selected under paragraph (4) as the Secretary determines to be appropriate, with a content of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. ``(C) Sources of bullion.--The Secretary shall obtain silver for minting coins under subparagraph (B) from available resources, including stockpiles established under the Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act. ``(7) Application in event of the admission of additional states.--If any additional State is admitted into the Union before the end of the 10-year period referred to in paragraph (1), the Secretary of the Treasury may issue quarter dollar coins, in accordance with this subsection, with a design which is emblematic of such State during any 1 year of such 10-year period, in addition to the quarter dollar coins issued during such year in accordance with paragraph (3)(A).''.


    Public Law 106-126 106th Congress

    An Act

    To require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint coins in conjunction with the minting of coins by the Republic of Iceland in commemoration of the millennium of the discovery of the New World by Leif Ericson. <<NOTE: Dec. 6, 1999 - [H.R. 3373]>>

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

    TITLE <<NOTE: Leif Ericson Millennium Commemorative Coin Act. 31 USC 5112 note.>> I--LEIF ERICSON MILLENNIUM COMMEMORATIVE COIN

    SEC. 101. SHORT TITLE.

    This title may be cited as the ``Leif Ericson Millennium Commemorative Coin Act''.


    (a) $1 Silver Coins.--In conjunction with the simultaneous minting and issuance of commemorative coins by the Republic of Iceland in commemoration of the millennium of the discovery of the New World by Leif Ericson, the Secretary of the Treasury (hereafter in this title referred to as the ``Secretary'') shall mint and issue not more than 500,000 1 dollar coins, which shall-- (1) weigh 26.73 grams; (2) have a diameter of 1.500 inches; and (3) contain 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper.

    (b) Legal Tender.--The coins minted under this title shall be legal tender, as provided in section 5103 of title 31, United States Code. (c) Numismatic Items.--For purposes of section 5136 of title 31, United States Code, all coins minted under this title shall be considered to be numismatic items.


    The Secretary may obtain silver for minting coins under this title from any available source, including stockpiles established under the Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act.


    (a) Design Requirements.-- (1) In general.--The design of the coins minted under this title shall be emblematic of the millennium of the discovery of the New World by Leif Ericson. (2) Designation and inscriptions.--On each coin minted under this title there shall be-- (A) a designation of the value of the coin;

    [[Page 113 STAT. 1644]]

    (B) an inscription of the year ``2000''; and (C) inscriptions of the words ``Liberty'', ``In God We Trust'', ``United States of America'', and ``E Pluribus Unum''.

    (b) Selection.--The design for the coins minted under this title shall be-- (1) selected by the Secretary after consultation with the Leifur Eiriksson Foundation and the Commission of Fine Arts; and (2) reviewed by the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee.


    (a) Quality of Coins.--Coins minted under this title shall be issued in uncirculated and proof qualities. (b) Mint Facility.--Only one facility of the United States Mint may be used to strike any particular quality of the coins minted under this title. (c) Commencement of Issuance.--The Secretary may issue coins minted under this title beginning January 1, 2000. (d) Termination of Minting Authority.--No coins may be minted under this title after December 31, 2000.


    (a) In General.--All sales of coins minted under this title shall include a surcharge of $10 per coin. (b) Distribution.--All surcharges received by the Secretary from the sale of coins issued under this title shall be promptly paid by the Secretary to the Leifur Eiriksson Foundation for the purpose of funding student exchanges between students of the United States and students of Iceland. (c) Audits.--The Leifur Eiriksson Foundation shall be subject to the audit requirements of section 5134(f )(2) of title 31, United States Code, with regard to the amounts received by the Foundation under subsection (b).

    [truncated for space]


    Exhibit 2 : Quarter Design Evaluation And Selection Process

    reference Starr's Prejudice

    Screen Capture of the 50 State Quarters Design Evaluation Process.


    Exhibit 3 : California Quarter Design Submission Rules

    reference Starr's Portrait Of Fraud

    Screen Capture of Contest Rules for California Quarter On State Government Web Site.


    Exhibit 4 : Original Design Submission Letter

    reference Starr's Hold Up

    Letter that accompanied A Golden Moment design submission by David Biagini, VOID : Various Originals Ideas Designs.


    Exhibit 5 : "A Golden Moment" For Everyone

    reference Starr's Hold Up

    reference California Quarter

    3D Rendering of A Golden Moment that was the original design submission for California Quarter by David Biagini.

    The Design Chosen by the People

  • Represents all Californians and Anyone who has ever had a dream or goal, not just one man or club
  • Shows the importance of the California Dream, the American Dream, and ultimately Anyone's Dream
  • Expresses the significance of the Gold Rush Era that aided the early growth of our United States
  • Reveals the main reason California was inducted into the Union before many others territories
  • Symbolizes the spark of California inventiveness, the source of many incredible innovations
  • Conveys the commitment to maintain a balance within our environment
  • Shares the diligence that can make dreams come true—from anyone
  • ::

    Exhibit 6 : Voting Polls Layout

    reference Starr's Swindle

    Voting Polls Layout on Government sanctioned web site for California Quarter Design Selection.


    Exhibit 7 : Voting Results Layout

    reference Starr's Swindle

    Voting Results Layout providing confusing information to public.


    Exhibit 8 : Voting Results Clarified

    reference Starr's Swindle

    Official Poll Results for California Quarter Election clarified in bar graph.

    Official Poll Results Layout for California Quarter election clarified.


    Exhibit 9 : Kids’ Choice For California Quarter

    reference Starr's Breach Of Contract

    Screen Capture of Los Angeles Times article, The Kids' Reading Room, revealing Gold Miner Collage as Kids' Favorite to become California Quarter.


    Exhibit 10 : Original Design Submissions VS. US Mint Renditions

    reference Starr's Prejudice

    #1 People's First Choice

    People's First Choice for California Quarter, A Golden Moment, original versus US Mint rendition.


    #2 People's Second Choice

    People's Second Choice for California Quarter, original versus US Mint rendition.


    #3 People's Third Choice

    People's Third Choice for California Quarter, original versus US Mint rendition.


    #K1 Kevin Starr's First Choice for Coined Fraud

    Kevin Starr's First Choice for California Quarter, original versus US Mint rendition.


    #K2 Kevin Starr's Second Choice for Coined Fraud

    Kevin Starr's Second Choice for California Quarter, original versus US Mint rendition.



    Exhibit 11 : Notable Prejudice Against People's Choice

    reference Starr's Prejudice

    Please refer to Exhibit 10 for numbered comparisons, noting how US Mint artists either added or removed key elements and details under the direction of Kevin Starr.

    Notice the lack of detail given to sequoias in #1 yet generous detail given to sequoias and other trees in #2 and #K2.

    The many jumbled flowers in #1 that replaced the two elegant poppies are not anatomically correct and unrecognizable as poppies, where as the poppies in #2 are recognizable as poppies.

    The soaring eagle in #1 was removed and replaced with a poorly drawn generic bird—a foul fowl, while highly detailed birds have been added to #K1 and #K2.

    No legitimate reason has been given for the removal of the mountains,waterfall, golden rays, and the words,“A Golden Moment”, for the addition of inaccurate plant life, or for the reduction of form in the remaining elements, effectively eliminating any artistic appeal.

    Even #3, the least complicated of the five final designs, received a professional treatment creating a finished and artistically appealing rendition, while the #1 People's Choice, looks as though it was given a poor and hastily executed trace job.


    Exhibit 12 : People's Choice "A Golden Moment" Can Be Minted

    reference Starr's Prejudice

    Having created 2D art and 3D sculpts for coining dies, I am very certain that my design submission, "A Golden Moment", is coin able in its original state. Shown below is the sculpt and cast I created for the privately minted 2001 "Star Spangled Banner Medallion" which featured our national anthem on the reverse.

    Clay sculpt for 2001 Star Spangled Banner Medallion by David Biagini.

    Positive Cast and Negative Die Template used for mintage of 2001 Star Spangled Banner Medallion by David Biagini. Proof Coin resting upon die template.

    "A Golden Moment" rendered in 3D revealing how original presentation would look if minted without any alteration.

    3D rendering from original illustration of A Golden Moment submitted for California Quarter by David Biagini.

    The sculpts and casts shown below resulted in the limited private mintage of the People's Choice coined aptly the Miracle Quarter. Undeniable proof that "A Golden Moment" is coin able as submitted to the US Mint.

    Work area showing clay sculpt and plaster cast of A Golden Moment by David Biagini. Circulated Silver US Quater rests upon clay sculpt basin.

    Finished plaster casts used for obverse of "A Golden Moment" California Quarter coined "Miracle Quarter". Three quarters shown as well. Circulated Silver US Quarter. Silver Proof Miracle Quarter. 22 Karat Gold Plated Silver Proof Miracle Quarter.


    Exhibit 13 : It's In The Details

    reference Starr's Prejudice

    The People's Design does not surpass detail present in previously and subsequently minted quarters and is clearly less detailed than the John Muir Coined Fraud minted as a result of Kevin Starr's unethical and illegal actions.

    Collage featuring four State Quarter Designs; Maine, South Carolina, Nevada and privately minted California Quarter, "A Golden Moment", the Miracle Quarter by David Biagini. Addresses issue of details in design chosen by People's vote.

    People's Choice for California Quarter, "A Golden Moment" along side Kevin Starr's choice for California Quarter, John Muir Coined Fraud.



    California Quarter

    Privately minted California Quarter, "A Golden Moment" by David Biagini, presented in style of US Mint Quarter Illustrations.

    A Golden Moment
    E Pluribus Unum

    (From Many, One)
    (From Any One)